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Welcome to Cover 2 Guru! 

I've been in football for nearly 40 years as a player, coach and a huge fan.


As a player I helped create the famous Tampa 2 Cover 2 defense.  


Now, as the Cover 2 Guru I'm hosting a brand new webinar series, providing coaching clinics, video tips, and student advising to help parents and students leverage their football experience as they prepare to apply to college. 


I'm super excited about this next phase in my football career. Thank you for joining me on this journey. I think you’ll like it!

Cover 2 Coaching Clinics

Clinics for coaches to level up coaching skills and increase performance

Cover 2 Blog

Laying down knowledge and skills - and maybe even some wisdom!

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Promo S1E10 May 28 Webinar

Promo S1E6 Run Action Pass Webinar

Webinar S1E3 Run Game Rules Full Webinar

Webinar S1E2 2 Back Gap Scheme Full Webinar

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Clip S1E2 2 Back Gap Scheme Clips Webinar

Webinar S1E2 2 Back Gap Scheme Webinar

Webinar S1E1 Vertical Routes Full Webinar

Promo S1E8 Drop Back Pass Game Webinar

Promo S1E9 Rod Woodson Webinar

Promo S1E6 Run Pass Option Everett Webinar

Promo S1E7 Quick Passing Game Webinar

Promo S2E2 Part 2 D-Line Movement Webinar

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